Meet TracPatchTM

About TracPatchTM

Quantified Rehab. Quality data.

TracPatch is here to help enable patients and healthcare providers to strive for exceptional post-surgical outcomes. Healthcare providers can now engage patients every day during their episode of care. Patients feel empowered to reach their rehabilitation goals. TracPatch connects healthcare providers to what matters most: improving patient lives.

Motivate: Empower your patients to reach their rehabilitation goals. Maximize ROM, maintain exercise compliance, and keep moving with TracPatch. With the interactive road map, your patient can track their own rehab progress, always knowing what’s next.

Move: TracPatch keeps your patient moving. With exercise reminders and ROM tests, TracPatch is designed to get your patient moving every day.

Monitor: TracPatch not only connects healthcare providers with patients in a completely new way. TracPatch monitors patient activity and delivers real data for improved outcomes, keeping you in the know, on the go.

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