Never lose track of your patients
TracPatchTM allows you to remotely monitor patients’ post-op Range of Motion progress, ambulation, temperature trends, and exercise compliance.
Temperature Trends

A breakthrough in wearable technology for monitoring post-surgical total joint rehabilitation.

Capture Range of Motion Progress
Now it is possible to continuously monitor your patients’ Range of Motion (ROM) progress. Healthcare providers can view patients’ rehabilitation progress using their smartphone or web dashboard anytime, anywhere. The TracPatch app empowers patients to recover successfully in the comfort of their own home.

Patient Engagement
TracPatch empowers the patient to actively participate and own their rehabilitation. Each day, the patient is gently reminded to perform their daily rehab exercises. With TracPatch, the patient can view their own progress with a personalized roadmap keeping them on Track.

Stay One Step Ahead
A combination of steps, exercises and ROM make up the daily Patient Activity Score. Now you know if your patient is staying active and achieving their rehabilitation goals

Continuously Smart Temperature Monitoring
TracPatch continuously monitors temperature and relays the data, allowing you to remotely monitor wound site skin temperature using your smartphone.
Stay ahead of any issues by remotely monitoring temperature trends throughout the episode of care.

Instant Alerts
Receive instant notifications for sudden acceleration events, elevated temperature trends near the wound site, unmet ambulation, and daily exercise goals. TracPatch is empowering you and your team to stay personally connected to every patient beyond the OR.