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TracPatch Technology
Real Patient Engagement. Real Data. In Real Time.
TracPatch is a new revolutionary device empowering at-home patient recovery and remote monitoring for effective managed care.
With a focus on evidence-based medicine, TracPatch is changing patient care and the future of orthopedics.


Capture ROM
Capture daily range of motion progress for continuous improvement.

Track Steps
Monitor ambulation to see movement in action.

Exercise Recognition
TracPatch provides real time feedback on patient’s exercise compliance.

Instant Notifications
Receive instant alerts for sudden events, unmet ambulation, and missed exercise goals.
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Patient App
Stay Connected to Your Health Care Provider
No matter where you are, use the TracPatch Patient App to stay engaged with your health care provider and your recovery process.
  • Easy to use at home recovery platform
  • Daily Exercise Reminders and push notifications to perform your recovery exercises
  • Video tutorials make exercising a breeze
Never Lose Track
Health Care Provider App
Stay Connected with Your Patients
Powered by our patented TracPatch Technology, TracPatch provides the health care provider anytime, anywhere insight into a patient’s recovery, allowing for:
  • Immediate care adjustments
  • Get ahead of recovery issues
  • Empower your patients with daily goals and real time communication
Now, health care providers can send patients home and maintain the critical connection needed for an efficient recovery process, improved outcomes and patient satisfaction.
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Health Care Provider Dashboard
Think of the TracPatch web dashboard as your central hub. Log in and you can manage and monitor all of your patients recovery progress. Working together has never been so easy.
Always know:
  • Range of motion progression
  • Exercise compliance rates
  • If a sudden event occurred
  • Pain scores